Friday, January 15, 2010

Blog candy Winner!

I put my husband up to picking a winner again- he was self conscious about how he looked, because last time I put him up to this he got a comment that he was hot- should I go change my shirt???

First- Thanks to all who posted a comment for a chance to win and for those that added the candy on their side bar and joined as a Follower.  I truly do love stamping and sharing with you and seeing what everyone else is creating! I also appreciate all of the soldiers and their families.

So, Ray pulled out the name Lee-Grandmalee
Lee - grandmalee said...
Awesome candy that I would love to use in my cards for Operation Write Home! We just finished up on our Valentine's cards, but I always also send in Love, Thinking of You, Birthday, Anniversary & other non-seasonal cards with every batch. My daughter served in Iraq & her unit received cards from Operation Write Home as well as mine, so I've continued my support. I also make Valentines for the veteran's in local nursing homes. I have the JROTC kids deliver them for a special touch. Keep up your good work, as I know the soldiers do for us! I'm following you now too! Way to go Ray- looks like the stamps will be put to very good use!!!  That is wonderful!

Please send me your address @ Shellymc2@comcast dot net
And, would you like for me to trim it and put Tack it over and over again on the back to make it sticky??? I am happy to do that if you would like.



Annie said...

he-he-he, please tell your husband he looks great! I know we always assume that only girls care about their looks :) But my hubby is always like "does my hair look ok?" or "should I change the shirt"? :)

Congrats to Lee-Grandmalee! I'm glad it's someone who will put it to good use! Congrats!!!!

FibreJunky said...

Sometimes I think guys are worse than girls!
Congrats to Grandmalee!

Lee - grandmalee said...

Yippee! Tell your DH thanks for drawing my name! I've been eyeing this set for awhile, so this works out great for my soldier cards. Can't wait to ink this awesome set up! Thanks to everyone else that makes cards & support our troops in other ways!!!!! My daughter was helped tremendously while she was in Iraq by "strangers," so I try to do all that I can do to pay-it-forward.