Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Irish Teddy Postcard: Masking and coloring

I joined a 'postcard' swap for St Patricks' Day, and the image had to be hand carved.....  I went to work looking up free images on the internet, and ended up with a teddy bear holding a Shamrock. 

I am posting lots of pictures here- my How to process : )  

Image was stamped in Distress ink.  I generally color using Copics, but for a postcard, we do not want color bleeding through...  so, I stamped the image three more times and made 'stencils' from the cardstock and added color using Distress inks.

 I stamped the image on two pieces of Post it note sticky paper put together and made a mask....

After stamping the image, I fussy cut it out.  This is sticky on the entire image back....  so I could use it over and over again.  

Adding the mask over the image, I colored the background using 4 Distress ink colors.  When they overlap with blending, I get more colors.  I used Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple.   But, you can see where Red and yellow blend, I have a strip of orange, and where Yellow and blue overlap, there is a strip of green.......  

This is the back of the postcard.  

I added a sentiment using carved letters and Queens Gold Embossing powder. 

I laminated the postcards.  They are taking forever to arrive- some over 2 weeks! 

But, I enjoyed the process very much!  Today would have been dad's 97th Birthday. He was 100% Irish and I am about 2/3 Irish......  

Thanks for stopping by!