Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Grad Hats 2020- picture tutorial

My daughter is a teacher, and wanted to make a gift for her seniors.  She saw a project on Pinterest, and showed me a picture, and I made a pattern for her (us) to put together. 

How fun, right???  My daughter filled the jars with affirmations and will add a letter- plus candy : )

 She had constriction paper to use, and school colors blue and white.  I cut a strip 12" by 2 3/4"  I scored each sheet at 3/8"

 This piece is going to go around the jar, so measure your jar and add a 1/4"-3/8" Folded area.  We cut little triangles in that extra border since the piece will go around in a circle to meet the cap (top). 
 This is what this piece looks like when fit around the jar. I slipped it off the jar and marked where the adhesive should go.  I added a strip of 1/4" double sided tape to the end of the strip and adhered it. 

 I am using daughters construction paper, so punched our 3 circles using a 1" circle punch.  For the cap, the square will depend on the size of your jar-= these are 4" x 4".

 The circles are glued together, then a small hole punched in the center. A brad is inserted into the hole.  On the Lt, you are looking at the circles from the top.
Next, you will look the tassle cording around the brad and open it up and flatten the brad over the cord.  Then, I applied a 3/8" adhesive circle dot over the center of the brad. 

 Next, the circle brad is applied to the center of the Grad cap top.  For this later, it was too flimsy using the construction paper, so I did glue a layer to it of 4" x 4" SU blue cardstock on the bottom. 

My daughter bought the tassles on Amazon about a month ago.  She added candy and affirmations, and each will have a personal letter she writes.  

I hope you enjoyed this project.  We had three of us putting these together- I had everything pre-cut and punched already, and it took us about 2 hours not including adding the candy and affirmations. 

I will add 2020 or something to the top of the hats before she delivers all of them. 

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jimlynn said...

Cute, creative, and the Seniors are going to love these!!!! Fantastic!

*Vicki* said...

Oh now that is just as cute as can be! LOVE this idea and you're so clever to make a pattern from her photo! Really wonderful thing to do for her students as well!!

s.mcfeggan@gmail.com said...

Love this Shelly. What a great idea. I'm going to have to remember that when my Granddaughter graduates. Must have been fun working side by side with you DD.

Donna said...

These are so cool Shelly. I am sure that not every teacher will go the extra mile this year but I love that you helped your daughter do this! They are just adorable!

kiwimeskreations said...

What a wonderful idea, and so beautifully constructed. Well done to you all on your team work to get these made from an idea on Pinterest.
Stay safe

Lynn McAuley said...

What a sweet and thoughtful daughter you have, Shelly!! Won't her seniors love receiving this delightful jars of treats, praise, and wisdom!! Well done!!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

What a perfect gift for the students. I know they will love them.