Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creative Belli Challenge-Alter It

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 The Creative Belli Challenge Blog theme is Alter it!  I am a gatherer of all things that can be altered, but rarely use any of them….. Well, for this challenge, I got out a Journal- I purchased a stack of journals three years ago when my daughter went on a mission trip- I planned on making Prayer and Travel Journals for the trip……………I am happy to USE this journal and I know I will use this!
 When I have time to stamp, I look through a journal  where I keep with Daily Challenges-sketches, color challenges and theme challenges all really help to get my MoJo going!  My journal is just about full- so perfect timing to make another.
I visit The Daily Dare every day and jot down some of the challenges for the day. I also look back in past challenges when I get ‘stuck’ and sometimes I start browsing through challenges and then get no stamping done at all- I am amazed at how much is ‘out there’ in blog land!!!
 The Belli Challenge ladies are in my sidebar- please stop by for more altered ideas- and please join us in the challenge- you have two weeks!

Here are some pictures I took while I put this together.
I did not use a pattern- place your journal over the paper on a flat surface and trace around the paper (you can stamp on cardstock or use DSP) and cut leaving ~ 3/4” outside of your line.
This is exactly the same on the front and the back.  Next, you need to snip the corners and glue it down.
 Bend the DSP up against the long side of the journal and crease it, then on the top and bottom (don’t use glue yet)- you will be able to visualize in the corner where the excess is-what needs to be trimmed and folded up. 
you will glue the corner pieces so they lay as flat as possible- the small piece on the Rt goes to the Lt and visa versa.
Here, I used Matte Gel to apply the DSP- you could use Red Line Tape or Modge Podge….whatever works!
Next, I cut white cardstock a touch smaller than the journal cover and rounded the corners- and glue that on to finish the inside covers for the front and the back (mine measures 7 1/8 x 9 1/2 ).
To finish up-cover the spine.  I cut the brown DSP-measure your journal- exact height (9 3/4 here) by how wide you want it (mine is 3 3/4).  I fold in around where it will be before I add the tape to make sure it fits correctly- trim now if needed.  I put Red Line tape down the side edges and the middle top to bottom and a few random pieces here and there on the back of the DSP. I added ~15” ribbon to the top of the inside of the DSP and taped over it again to hold it in place… for a place mark in the journal, you’ll want this to go down ~ 3” or so to make sure it is secure. Put the DSP piece on the spine of your journal- embellish the front and you are done!
Questions- drop me a line!
Thanks for stopping by today-I hope to see your altered item at the Belli Challenge Blog.


jimlynn said...

Shelly, this is just fantastic. So pretty. Thanks for the tutorial too. What a wonderful idea.

Alissa said...

Shelly, I had bought a 12-pack of these notebooks about 6 months ago and still haven't gotten around to altering them. Thank you so much for this inspiration, as well as the tutorial. Great job!

Thebug415 said...

Very nice. Thanks for the details as to how to do the corners. I am terrible at those kind of things.

Maria Matter said...

Beautiful Shelly!!! and what a fantabulous idea...a challenge book! Way to be organized too! You are an INSPIRATION!!!!
take care

Joan Ervin said...

What a beautiful journal, Shelly...the colors and papers are sooo pretty!!!! I am guilty of hoarding unfinished journals, too...maybe I need to buy them all decked out...LOL!!!

debb said...

Wonderful journal and super mojo idea! Love the corner shot details- thank you for sharing this!

Annie said...

what a GREAT idea!!!! Love it!

Ceal said...

great Idea, right now I use a clip board, I think I will cover a book as well, very pretty!

Karli said...

Great idea Shelly! Thanks for sharing the link too :) now maybe I'll be able to make a card for more than one challenge ;) Big Hugs!

Robin Kirkpatrick said...

Nice job on the challenge, Shelly - very clever and useful project!

Mary G. said...

Great job!!! Thanks for the tutorial! said...

Oooooo I love altered books and bits and really want to do more of this TFS

Anne said...

This journal is beautiful Shelly, great job!