Sunday, February 2, 2014

Across the Miles

I am in Asia visiting my daughter Katie- I made this card with the trip in planning mode- and used Red, White and a neutral brown with my Patriotism shining thru........
 Inked over is in the Dec 2013 Technique Junkies newsletter. The stamps are from Sweet N Sassy Stamps- and the text you see in the background is from Hero Arts and a gift from a dear blogging friend.

 My daughter has been teaching in China 1 1/2 years. We are so proud of her to be so well adjusted and comfortable over 8000 miles away from home.......  She has met so many friends from all over the world- I thought this sentiment was so fitting for her experience!

I'll be back to the snow and cold of the Chicago suburbs in less than a week.....for the time being, I am enjoying the warmth and sun : )  I met Katie in Hong Kong, and we visited Siem Reap in Cambodia, Koh Samet, Thailand (the beach) and will head to Bangkok before heading back to Hong Kong and then home.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anne Temple said...

Wonderful card and love the sentiment.

Margaret said...

Cute card. Love your layout. I know you're enjoying your Asian trip.

MiamiKel said...

OH joy!! I'm loving your very patriotic card and am glad you are having such a wonderful time with Katie! Sounds like a DREAM trip!! Stay safe :)

Penny said...

Sounds like a great trip! :^)
And your card is really fabulous! Love the design, inking, stamping and sentiment! Such a cool card! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Stef H said...

absolutely love this!!! love it. bring back some warm and sunshine.... pleeeeeeeeeze!!!

hugs :)

Donna said...

This is a beauty! I love the red, white and blue and all the texture. Safe travels. You might just want to stay there. We have a big storm coming tomorrow and another on the weekend. I hope they don;t disrupt your travel plans. Stay safe my friend!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

WOW! This card is gorgeous! Love the travel theme/idea!

Enjoy your time with Katie!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Yes indeed it's perfect for your daughter. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I've been watching you on Facebook too.

Anonymous said...

Such a fitting sentiment and also colour palette.
Your daughter has done so well, little wonder you are proud of her. Enjoy the time that remains of your Asian trip.

kiwimeskreations said...

Wonderful card Shelley - and I am so glad to hear you are having a wonderful trip.

Marilyn said...

I love this card Shelly, it's so artsy and modern looking.