Friday, June 28, 2013

~Storage and CANDY~

I was looking for just the 'right' ribbon last night, and I decided it would be a good time to thin out my stash- by offering some CANDY.

  But first- HOW I store some of my my small space- I purchased multi-drawer units

 It looks messy, but I know just where everything is.........

I take most ribbon off of the spools and roll them- then place them in small plastic bags.  Lt-Rt I have:
Grosgrain organized by colors (with a few Misc ribbons in the front) , spooled ribbons, Satin ribbon, Organdy ribbons, and lastly, patterned ribbons- organized by groups eg gingham, striped, In-color SU, etc.......  I can really pack the ribbon in this small space : )

Here is one section of the far Lt grouping......

I have another storage bin for 6x6 DSP that is not current in my DT's store, my Distress markers and my Copics..... and a little Porcelain doll I started making years ago...I need to make 'her' a dress.........
And my Copics- in the top drawer, my Copics. I can fit four Copic Sketch 72 marker holders in one drawer:
I can easily pull out the drawer, and it can come with me- where ever I am coloring..........  I keep a color chart on the Left side of the drawer (and another on my desk)......


Now, onto the Candy...........

Here is the ribbon maker I use:

I have an extra one...... So I am offering a bow maker and 50 yards of various ribbons in different sizes.

For a chance to win:
-Leave a comment- and I need a way to reach you

-For an additional chance- put my candy on your sidebar- *and leave me an additional comment*

-I will pick a winner by Random. org on July 3rd in the evening.

***You will need to STOP back to see if you have won.***

Thanks for stopping by!


Larisa said...

wow! Great candy! I wsh I had it) Thanks for the chance to win.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Oh how I could use this. I don't embellish with ribbon because I suck at bows. This would be the ticket. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

NanaConnie said...

Wonderfully organized, Shelly! I especially love how you store your Copics -- so convenient and neat. I'm going to have to think about your ribbon storage idea. So far, all my ribbon takes up sooooo much space and I need to reduce not the amount of ribbon I have (can always use more!) but the volume of space it takes to store it. TFS

Sabrina said...

I am just starting to become organized but have a long ways to go. I love your way of organizing your ribbon I think I just might have to give that a try! Thank you for the chance to win. This one would be a big help as I could use all the help I can get tying bows!

Darlene said...

Hi Shelly! How very generous of you to offer candy, but you don't need to do that to entice me to your site!
But I am going to grab your method of storing ribbon. It's one that may actually work for me. Thank you. Awwww, make that little doll a dress, ok? hahaha And when you do, be sure to give us a look.