Sunday, May 18, 2014

Foil Zentangle ATC's

My ATC group had an exchange for Foil Zentangle ATC's.  I love being challenged! I forgot to photograph my 1-4-1 ATC- I outlined an angel image from a rubber stamp.......

Here are a couple of my trades:

 I have foil sheets for embossing, but did not realize it until my meeting was over...I used regular foil which I adhered to plain cardstock. I zentangled with the stylus I use for Parchment work onto the mat I also use for parchment work. I made these all different colors- colored with Copic/Bic markers.
 I used a piece of cardstock that the center shape was cut out of and debossed around the circle, then Zentangled around the edges. The center was Zentangled and colored as well. I die cut the SweetCuts butterfly outline from Metallic cardstock.

Here are the swaps I rec'd back:
1-4-1 trade rom Mari:
And the rest of the trades:
 Mary W- she used a copper Foil sheet- all of her trades were a different design- did I mention she is a fab artist?

By Mari S- loving the mini feathers.

Pink Heart- by Diane M

 Zentangle on Foil by Deb M.

By Carol- our world traveler : )  The background is from a box she rec'd from Macy's. The Gear is by T.H. covered in foil.

 By Diane S titled All about Art

  By Joann
  And, last but not least- Linda O'Connor- pretty sure this foil is sanded where the silver flower is- fab!

What a blast trying this technique- and now that I have located my foil sheets, maybe I can try it again!

Thanks for stopping by! Shelly


Stef H said...

you do things i'd never dream of doing. ok. i dream of them, but i have no patience. therefore i stick to clean and simple! these are absolutely fabulous

sit back, relax and enjoy this weather!

hugs :)

Irish Cherokee said...

Anyone who has worked with foil can really appreciate this work. There is a lot of prep before hand and the tooling takes time. Mistakes are not erasable. Let everyone know I said very impressive. Now I truly know you appreciate what it takes to make even a small image in foil. Bravo.

jimlynn said...

They're all so beautiful! Love the butterfly you used on yours too.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Such eye candy. I discovered yesterday my Feedburner subscriptions stopped coming to me so that's why I've been missing in action. Now I bookmarked your blog. How sad that I can't receive them by subscription any more.

CarlaKH said...

so cool! what a great selection too!

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh what fabulous work Shelly - I am sure your ATC's were gratefully received. Looking forward to seeing your second attempts :-)

Stamping With Bibiana said...

hi new friend! I am bibiana and I thank you for the recent visit to my blog!
I love ATC's and your are wonderful and nice techniques too! you received quite a few!
hope to see you again have a lovely day

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have heard or seen foil zentangle and it is so effective.
Beautiful collection.