Monday, August 6, 2012

Winner(s) winner(s) Chicken Dinner(s)

I am home late from work- so am just now posting Blog Candy winners .... says:

The First winner is # 3 Maxine
MaxineD said...
Hi Shelly - these all look great, and my preferences are in the order you have posted them - set #1, #2, and then #3.
You can track me back from this comment.
Now to go and tell the world you have candy, and I will be back :-)

Winner #2
#17 Kelly
MiamiKel said...
Aw, you are so sweet. You are one of the busiest ladies and I'm still in awe that you can keep your blog posts going ~ You're my hero! Love your candy, #2 stole my heart! So sweet of you to share! Blessings x0x0

Winner #3
Donna said...
Just added your candy to my side bar. Thanks for the chance.

 Thanks to all who played along......I will be cleaning more later this week or early next week!

Blessings to all


kiwimeskreations said...

Thank you Shelly - big smile from down under :-)))

Darlene said...

Oh darn ... didn't win! But that's okay, I'm just thrilled I had a chance to win at this wonderful blog. Thanks Shelly!
CONGRATS to the winners! Enjoy your goodies!

MiamiKel said...

OH my! Shelly, thank you!! I just came by to oogle your cards and scrolled down and saw my name :) I'm honored, thank you! Danke Schon! :)

Not sure what to do next, so big hugs and a great big thanks!


Sharon said...

Beautiful Shelly!!

Donna said...

Thank you so much, Shelly! How wonderful to be a winner. Congrats to the other winners too. And thanks to you Shelly!