Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Copic 2012 chart

 Being the visual stamper that I am, I am always making charts.  When I purchased the 2012 Copics, I downloaded the Copic Color Chart for 2012 at Sharon Harnist's blog PaperFections. The chart downloads blank aka uncolored....***

  I printed the chart on the cardstock I use most with Copics, then colored in the chart with my Copics and Spica glitter pens.  I have a Dick Blick right around the corner, so stopped in there, and put a little dot of color in all of the squares of colors I do not have- this will help with future purchases........ : )

 Since I tend to buy the same colors over and over, I took the blank chart and cut it up by color and rearranged it into A4 sections- then colored in the colors I have:
 Now, I have my Copic colors in my purse :
 I punched a hole in the top left and put a ribbon thru it.  Next, I will print another for re-inkers......

I do not know how to post a downloadable chart- but HERE is a link to the page I made for the A4 sized chart.
 I think you will just need to Right click and save as- and save to a file. If that does not work, drop me an e-mail and I will e-mail the chart to you. (  Shellymc2 at  ).

You can print Sharon's file on paper and rearrange it if you like- then you will have a chart personalized for your Copic collection!

Have a great day!


Shelley said...

So funny - I just coloured in a new chart last night since my old one was getting pretty ragged. Another place to find the chart is at - they also have a coloured in chart that I've printed off, x'd out the colours I have and then folded into my wallet. So many little money to buy more!
Smiles, Shelley

Mary G. said...

Brilliant idea! I really need to do this since I, too, tend to rebuy the same colors...and with the price of Copics, that's not a good thing! :)

Cheryl said...

What a great idea so that you can have your color chart with you when you shop! I'm going to have to do this now. :)

Donna said...

Great idea, Shelly! I need to be more organized with my Copics. I hope I find time to work on something like this! Thanks!

NanaConnie said...

I love having my color chart and keep it in a frame right above my craft table. Absolutely invaluable for both color selection and shopping!