Sunday, February 5, 2012

ATC's-Windows and Doors that Open.......

My monthly ATC group exchange theme this month was Windows and Doors- that open...... Here is what I came up with:
I found this gorgeous door at Pinterst- I decided it is a double door that opens on the sides- sorry I cannot find the link to the original site it came from....I hope from board to board with no link....

Not the greatest picture- I took a side by side picture of Obama and Romney and changed the size to fit the door...I added an elephant and a donkey...hehehehe  I am a bit silly......  I was going to add an in and an out. but did not want to start any political discussions.....hahahaha

-I made three others for the swap..sorry pictures are so bad- it was really dark in our meeting place.

The color is really off- here is the original from Pintrest:
(My computer is in repair, so I am using an older model.......and I did my best with the photo editing program.....

OK- this is the inside:
 These kids are from Altered Arts.The background is Silver Lustre from paper Temptress and I used Copics on the lustre.....very shimmery.

..and the silliest- I found a picture of three squirrels playing cards.....the picture is terrible-sorry.....

For the 1-4-1 swap we do, I made another door open ATC:
Mine is on the Rt- I added a young girl holding a bouquet of flowers from Altered Artifacts- it was too blurry to post.... She is dressed in brown-monochromatic like the ATC front (on the Right side) with Pink flowers.

The ATC on the Lt is the 1-4-1 that I received- made by Diane M. (We have 2 Diane's....).

Here are the swaps I received:

This was made by Mary W.  There were 7 different pictures inside(from candy wrappers)-and I loved this picture of the mice having a fun celebration.

 Carol made ATC's in a Year of the Dragon theme with origami dragons. The doors were an original picture from a trip to China she took.  How cool is that!

Cindy K used Artistic Outpost doors stamp and added Cupid inside.

 Diane M used a window stamp and a winter scene out the window.

 Harriet used the Tim H brick embossing folder outside and added different pictures on the inside.I picked the one on the Lt- a British themed image.

 Marcy made a desert out the window themed ATC.

Debbie used college techniques and made many different ATC's

Mari made a multi-layered ATC looking out the window with a winter scene:
  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I have some fun news this week......!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


kiwimeskreations said...

Looks as though you had fun :-)!!

Vicki Romaine said...

These are all wonderful. I especially like the first one. You need to send it to one of those pictured! lol

Priyanka said...

grt idea dear, beautiful creative too.

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Wowza, what a cool theme, luv what you did, very clever. Great post GF!

Juliet A said...

These look like such fun ATCs! I always enjoy it when you share your RL swaps.

Marjie Kemper said...

These are so interesting. I have a few very cool stamps of doors/gates. Love that you used images scaled down to fit your ATCs.

Terry said...

These are incredible! For a minute, I thought you were going to go all political on us!!! The first thing that came to mind with the doors, was using the AO stamp set with the doors and then there was one! BTW, I made my first ATC today! Happy Monday!

Gerri Herbst said...

Wonderful door ATCs ...Love all the different variations....take care,gerri

Chrissy D said...

So many pretty ones - these turned out fabulous, Shelly!

Lynn Stevens said...

Your open door atc's are so creative!!! I had to laugh at the first one. In or out! hahahaha.
Great job Shelly
Hugs Lynn

Sharon said...

wow these are really clever & creative with the doors!